Вопрос 1
Till he ____ come Kate ____rest.
c. Doesn't return - won't
Вопрос 2
She said to Kate that her company ______new products the following day
c. Would launch
Вопрос 3
What ___you ____tomorrow morning?
Выберите один ответ:
a. Will – do
Вопрос 4
I ring you up after he will meet Kate.
a. Ring - will meet
Вопрос 5
She said to him that Peter _____the history of Britain yet.
a. Hadn't read
Вопрос 6
She said that her parents _____a book shop some years before.
c. Had owned
Вопрос 7
My father ____me to help my little sister.
c. Told
Вопрос 8
She says that their nephew always ____ in the competitions of tennis.
c. Takes part
Вопрос 9
The child ____healthy if you ____ him fruit.
Выберите один ответ:
a. Won't be - don't give
Вопрос 10
She ____to her parents that they would go there together.
c. Said
Вопрос 11
What ____she do when she ____her best friend again?
c. Will - sees
Вопрос 12
She said that they ______a very popular performance that day
b. Saw
Вопрос 13
They haven't written the composition yet, ___?
b. Have they
Вопрос 14
She said that he ___already ____to London.
a. Had been
Вопрос 15
She ____me that I had to finish translation in time.
a. Told
Вопрос 16
Let ____open the window.
c. Me
Вопрос 17
If she ___ nervous, she ____some mistakes in her test.
c. Is - will make
Вопрос 18
She said, "Mr. Smith _____you at all."
c. Doesn't understand
Вопрос 19
If you ____in time, he ____you the answer.
b. Come - will give
Вопрос 20
There _____a new building next year.
b. Will be
Вопрос 21
It's a dish _____he likes best of all.
c. Which
Вопрос 22
The managers sold all goods last time, _____?
c. Didn't they
Вопрос 23
Can you see the boys ____are playing football.
a. Who
Вопрос 24
We usually _____to our teachers about news in science.
c. Speak
Вопрос 25
She said that her son was at home ____.
a. That day
Вопрос 26
Her red pencil is in the pencil box,_____?
a. Isn't it
Вопрос 27
We went to the city ____we lived when studied at school.
a. where
Вопрос 28
Let his friends ____ Peter. He has missed lessons.
c. visit
Вопрос 29
She said to Mary that she ______ the book by i-net.
c. Could order
Вопрос 30
She said that she _____her friends to the hotel.
c. Would pick up